Eliminates wrinkles naturally

Through Facial Massage and Microcurrent Stimulation

Take years off your face in just a few treatments with the Jade Facial.

Jade Facial massage combines the release of massage with the science of microcurrent with one main goal: alleviate wrinkles today and train your face to relax for years to come. Treatments using our proven microcurrent facial massage technique not only reduces the appearance of wrinkles, but resets the underlying muscular structure of the facial muscles to provide long-lasting wrinkle removal and reduction without the need for harsh chemicals, surgery, or injections.

Why Most Anti-Wrinkle Products Fail

In the greatest palm-to-face moment in cosmetics history, the anti-wrinkle industry has completely missed the mark when it comes to the root cause of and solution to wrinkles.


We have been trained to think of wrinkles primarily as a deficiency in and aging of the skin.   In fact, we should be thinking of wrinkles primarily as an issue of the underlying muscular structure of the face.

Wrinkles happen when the muscles of the face contract over time. This typically occurs due to repeated expression, like smiling, frowning, or furrowing your brow.

In essence, the skin only follows where the muscles tell it to go.

When someone learns that what they have been doing for years with various anti-aging and anti-wrinkle treatments does not in any way get to the root of their problem, it’s understandable that they would feel frustrated and misled.  They have been treating the symptom instead of the cause.

The good news is that the underlying cause of wrinkles can be reversed.

What Makes Jade Different

Grounded in acupuncture and massage, the Jade system works because it applies different treatment techniques to the underlying muscles of the face.

Imagine if You Could:


Take 5 years of aging off your face


Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles


Have healthier, more radiant and youthful skin


Rejuvenate your appearance naturally, without chemicals, surgery, or botox

How Jade Gets Results

Our micromassage treatment accomplishes all this with several short in-clinic treatments.  Through facial massage and microcurrent stimulation using color, sound, and gem frequencies, a series of Jade Facial treatments will remove wrinkles, reduce blockage, and bring healing to the surface of your skin from the inside out.

We recommend 7-10 treatments with the Jade micromassage and microcurrent facial device to experience long lasting results.  Our treatments work because our microcurrent machine has been designed to address the underlying facial muscles on multiple levels:

Generalized massage with microcurrent stimulation promotes muscle relaxation and lymphatic drainage to decrease both deep wrinkles and fine lines.

Micromassage using selectable color and musical tones targets reflex zones and tunes the body to tone sagging skin.

Electromicromassage targets acupressure points and the origin and insertion of muscle to facilitate the desired goal.

Jade Users Love Us!


“Magic Machine”

I call Jade my magic machine it brings relief and joy to clients experiencing discomfort and pain.  After giving a facial to a client the comment was, feeling less stress, sinuses were draining and face felt amazing.

The joy I get is seeing peoples reaction when opening lymph nodes, from tenderness upon palpation to no pain after derma ray.  I have done therapies on many parts of the body and am continually amazed with
the results.

I feel so blessed to be able to help people both cosmetically and therapeutically every day and they keep coming back for more treatments.


“Does Wonders”

I find Jade wands do wonders.  Tight muscles are gone before massage is finished and my whole body totally relaxes.  When I have a facial my face glows and it feel wonderful. I am always waiting for the next treatment.

Tami Petroski
Richmond, VA

“Effective Lymphatic Drainage”

“We deal with many chronically ill clients at our clinic including Cancer and Lyme.  Lymphatic drainage is a vital component in their recovery. The Jade treatments effectively provide our clients with this essential therapy.”



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Jade Facial Systems not only provides a safe, effective, and enjoyable alternative to anti-wrinkle creams and botox, we also provide a business platform and marketing support to grow your business with proven technology and sound marketing techniques.  Our marketing pack is easy to replicate but will also feel completely natural for you to use.

Massage therapists, aestheticians, acupuncturists, spas, chiropractors, and other health and wellness clinics are all candidates to provide Jade facial treatments to their clients.

We want your practice to thrive using the Jade Facials micromassage machine and system!

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The Jade Dermaray is intended to stimulate the face, and is intended for cosmetic use ONLY. The Jade Dermaray device or products are not intended to treat or diagnose any medical conditions.


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