About Jade Facial Systems

Natural Beginnings with Natural Results

The Jade Story

In 1978 Prof. Charles McWilliams began researching methods to naturally reduce the signs of aging using the latest technology of the time, eventually leading him to develop electronically assisted massage. He later added sound and color to what became the Jade Facial System. Today we are the leading system of facial massage and rejuvenation. Now, in addition to your hands, you can emply micromassage, high frequency therapy, homeotherapeutics, and color photons to give your clients effective, natural results without the use of invasive surgery or chemicals.


Our Mission


Provide a Natural Wrinkle Reduction Method

We are dedicated to providing a method to naturally and effectively remove wrinkles by re-training the muscles of the face to reclaim their original tone and elasticity through microcurrent assisted massage.


Improve Health

The health of our face is intricately linked to our overall well-being. By reducing stress, moving lymph, detoxifying, and reducing wrinkles, we see patients’ overall health improve.


Change Lives

Beyond the health benefits of a rejuvenated, healthier face, when we look younger and are more confident in our appearance, we have more energy and zeal for life. We know that the Jade machine can accomplish so much more than a simple massage and are committed to helping improve the lives of practitioners and patients around the globe!

Our Vision

Rejuvenate the Massage, Accupuncture, Esthetics and Beauty Industries

We want to help professionals who currently use or could use the Jade become more successful in their practice. Our vision is to see practitioners cultivate happier, healthier, cleaner lifestyles for patients.

Our Values

The beauty industry generates billions of dollars every year with people of all demographics seeking out products and services to help them achieve a particular look.  Unfortunately, our culture tends to emphasize a very specific type of beauty that leaves many frustrated and disappointed. With the Jade facial, every user is helped to be their most beautiful self through a natural and healthful process that not only takes years off, but also helps to remove toxicity and decrease stress – all in a relaxing, satisfying treatment.   

Meet the Team

Don Lowry

Don opened his career in direct marketing and training working with a restaurant group to streamline their marketing plans to reach more customers, grow their service offerings, and increase community involvement. After this he took on an outside sales/operations management role in construction, implementing new technologies and driving new business in creative ways. He has a passion for diet, fitness, and helping others learn about ways to improve their wellbeing. A mountain enthusiast, Don spends his free time on a snowboard, bicycle, boat, or rock wall with his dog Miles nearby. He resides in La Grande, OR when he is not out working with Jade users.

Fred Lowry, Jr.

Soon after beginning to practice as a Pharmacist, Fred immediately saw the value of a holistic approach to health, thus beginning a lifetime of learning countless modalities to truly improve the overall health of his clients. He eventually became a Dr. of Natural Medicine and Homeopathy, studying under many mentors, and trying many traditional and innovative methods. He has used the Jade in his practice for over 10 years, and has seen such positive results with his patients that he is now working to bring it to more practitioners. An avid outdoorsman, Fred Jr. can often be found in the saddle working with his German Shorthaired Pointers, developing organic farming practices, or composing original tunes on his guitar. He resides on his farm in Union Grove, NC.

Fred Lowry III

Prior to starting Jade Facial Systems, Fred invested eight years in the financial services industry.  He started supporting a team of advisors with concepts and developing grassroots marketing efforts. He then grew into the National Sales Director where he managed a team that supported advisors with every aspect of their business.  He then transitioned to helping run a financial software firm where he automated training processes. Fred is a passionate and creative problem solver, loving games, riddles, and wordplay. He resides with his family in Raleigh, NC.

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The Jade Dermaray is intended to stimulate the face, and is intended for cosmetic use ONLY. The Jade Dermaray device or products are not intended to treat or diagnose any medical conditions.


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