Frequently Asked Questions

What Causes Wrinkles?

Wrinkles are the result of repeated expression over time. Because your facial muscles are skeletal muscles, they have an attachment point and a motor point, meaning they are designed to move in one direction. As you furrow your brow, crinkle your nose, or frown, these muscles are slowly being trained into a palsy in this position. By massaging these muscles with microcurrent stimulation, they are freed from this palsy back to a more youthful muscle tone.

Will wrinkles go away permanently?

With Jade sessions, your muscle will learn to relax.  Over time the wrinkles can reappear in the same way they were created.  However, with occasional sessions you can continue to improve your health and facial expressions.

Why not just get a normal facial?

There is no reason not to pursue a traditional facial using natural products and exfoliation to further enhance the effects of the Jade. Many of our partners offer supplemental treatments that will improve your health and appearance. There is nothing “normal” about the Jade facial.  It is a unique approach using the energy of color, sound, and ELF frequencies for a more healthful appearance. A traditional facial can help with many skin issues, but a Jade Facial will reduce wrinkles from the source.

Why not just use a handheld microcurrent device?

Handheld microcurrent devices used on a strict daily regimen are likely to have some effect in reducing wrinkles. While this type of machine is weaker, if you spend 20min/day or 3-⅓ hours/week moving such a  device around your face, you will likely see some result. With the Jade system, however, there is not only a stronger array of frequencies, but also a technique which is guided by acupuncture and considers the muscular structure of the face.  well trained technician can create real results that will last and can accomplish this much faster than a handheld microcurrent facial device.

Why not prescription injections?

While advocates of chemical injections may claim that it is safe and effective, they are not telling the whole story. Unfortunately, just like food, drugs, tattoos, radiation, water quality, and even people, everything we expose our bodies to has an effect on our overall well-being. Adding a toxin to paralyze muscles into an unnatural position that removes your ability to express yourself just isn’t sustainable, healthful, or fun. Ultimately the botulism toxin will redistribute throughout your body. You could make this choice, but if you want to look and feel younger while improving your overall health, look into a Jade Therapist in your area instead!

Why not surgery?

Our goal is for you is to love the skin you’re in. You are beautiful, and we can help you embrace that. Surgery is invasive, requires recovery time, and is ultimately is a short-term solution for the problem. Wrinkles start on the muscular level, so eventually, they will return after surgery. Why not train your face to look like a healthy, younger you naturally?  You can feel good about that decision.

Why not Collagen Injections?

Well, they theoretically aren’t bad for you as a whole. Collagen is  naturally produced, after all. However, just because something is naturally produced does NOT intrinsically make it healthful to add artificially to your body. This is an invasive intervention requiring the puncture wound of an injection, and another example of treating the symptom, not the cause.

Why not Fillers?

Like Botox and Collagen, this involves adding a foreign substance to the body.  There are already enough toxins in your body . Why add more?

So if I have had Botox, or a tuck, or collagen injections, is this a safe treatment?

The short answer is YES, it is absolutely safe. This being said, it may require additional treatments to move the toxicity of the previous work out of your body before you begin to see the long lasting results of Jade Facials.

How many treatments do I need?

Like all things related to  developing real health, this is dependent upon the individual, and requires an initial process to get things moving. We recommend beginning with a series of treatments twice a week for one week, then once a week for another 6-10 sessions to train your face. Maintenance ranges from 1-6 treatments annually. Age, diet, prescriptions, fitness, lifestyle, hydration, and other factors all have an effect on the required startup and maintenance.

What should I do before a treatment?

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate. This is critical to allowing things to move. Eat real food: Always, but especially in the 2-3 days leading up to at treatment. This is easy and will allow your body to be the most receptive to the treatment. Have a positive, open mind; The Jade Facial works, but like all things, your receptiveness to your practitioner and the science behind the Jade will ultimately lead to faster and greater success!

Does it hurt?

Nope! A Jade facial is designed to trigger certain points in the face positively while providing a relaxing massage experience. The microcurrents are indistinguishable to almost all patients. Microcurrents have tiny amperage.  Relax, and enjoy a facial that actually helps your body retain its natural beauty.

Is it expensive?

Jade treatments are significantly less expensive than any of the aforementioned modalities (botox, surgery, collagen, etc.). Our partners are well trained in our proven facial techniques, which use chinese acupuncture along with a deep understanding the muscular structure of the face to provide lasting results. Contact your Jade representative for an introductory price followed by a great package deal.

How safe are Jade treatments?

Jade has a 30 plus year history of safety.  However it is not recommended in pregnancy or individuals with a pacemaker, electrical implants or surgical interventions that included any metal in reconstruction.

What do you mean by color, sound, and gem frequencies?

You probably learned in high school chemistry on the periodic table that the difference in elements is neutrons, protons and electrons.  They all have a different energy. Everything is made up of different combinations of the elements creating different energies.  In physics we learned about frequencies.  In visible light each color is a different frequency.  With sound each musical note has a different frequency. They are also what differentiates between gemstones based on their unique combination of mineral elements. The Jade microcurrent massage machine takes an ELF (extremely low frequency) and then doubles it up to incorporate higher frequencies that resonate with each other. Certain frequencies, colors, sounds and gems match the frequencies of other body parts. In short, the massage and microcurrent at any of our frequencies will reduce wrinkles, but with a good pairing of frequency for the individual, we can accomplish much more.

Are there other health benefits with Jade Sessions?

Many individuals have noticed a variety of health improvements including decreased sinus pressure, headache relief,  and decreased muscle jaw tension. When muscles relax, there is a decreased pressure on bone and nerve that could have an impact anywhere in the body.  This is highly individual. Therefore, Jade practitioners can make no medical treatment claim.

What about acne and skin issues?

We’re so glad you asked. The Jade is used as a  tool for the improvement of facial acne from teens and adults alike. Combine the Jade Facial Acne treatment and cream with an allergy test to remove toxic inputs from your diet and you can see some fantastic, non-invasive results – just natural processes training your body to be beautiful on its own.

What should I expect after a treatment?

First of all, a calmed mind and spirit. A jade facial is designed to be a very relaxing, comfortable stress relieving treatment, so be prepared for some bliss. Whether heating, cooling, or mellowing, be prepared to be aware of your face. The next day, be prepared for a “wow” moment when you look in the mirror. Lastly, be prepared for potential detoxification effects. Their bodies were receptive and they had some toxicity to work through. We consider this a good thing. We have also heard of soreness in particular body parts as a result of a treatment. These are all signs that the acupuncture points in the face are communicating with a toxic place, and the body is working through things that shouldn’t be there. We have also heard of increased sex life, happiness, sleep, reduced migraines, and energy being the result.

***As you receive multiple treatments and improve lifestyle, the less desirable side effects vanish from the possibilities.

What sort of product support do I get?

Not only do we have several options for training, we also provide you with the tools you need to engage your current clients and find new ones through our proven marketing kit.

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The Jade Dermaray is intended to stimulate the face, and is intended for cosmetic use ONLY. The Jade Dermaray device or products are not intended to treat or diagnose any medical conditions.


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